Tips On Building A Platform Around The Swimming Pool

House owners think that installing an attractive platform around the swimming pool is an addition to their outdoor living space. Decking and Paving are the most popular choices while constructing a new pool or renovating an existing pool. You can find several options that will suit the look you are going for at http://www.mataka.com.au/ . With many options to choose from you don’t have to settle for the same pool deck as your neighbor's. You can find several creative ideas at housebeautiful.com regarding excellent ideas for a beautiful outdoor living space. You could choose the best option between pavers and decking, to suit your swimming pool.

Patio Around the pool Swimming pool patios have to be designed with durable materials like vinyl, wood, concrete or bricks, which have minimal drawbacks. If not treated properly or serviced regularly, wood may start to decay over time. They need a support system, to be lifted off the ground. Patios can have custom made designs which include dining patios with a grill and a separate patio for the pool. Cost may vary based on the materials and size of the patio. The patios can be designed in such a way to match the landscaping and the design of the house.

Installing pavers for the swimming pool Many house owners build some kind of platform around the swimming pool. It is convenient to have pavers that are close to the ground. It allows you to relax on lawn chairs comfortably, under the sun as you dry yourself after a swim as it serves as a clean, dry spot. Pavers are less costly and easier to install compared to decks. It is much simpler to build pavers on a level space. If the yard is uneven or has a slope, some excavation may need to be done.

A deck around the swimming pool The deck is the best option if you need an elevated area as it can be built up to two stories if needed. Decks are often built to get a better view of the surroundings. Decks may require railings as they are made on different levels. The composite wood used to make decks don’t usually crack or bend. Decks can be either freestanding or attached to a house.

Care for Patios and decks Patios and decks need regular maintenance to preserve the beauty. Unlike a concrete patio, a wooden floor needs to be maintained yearly once. If maintenance is done regularly only sanding and scrubbing would be sufficient to keep it well turned out throughout the year. If it has been a long time since the last care, it might need to be painted or refinished. Compared to the deck, the patio does not require much attention. You might need to replace few bricks, or the gravel may need to be raked and cleaned.

Which is best? A deck or a patio Both could make your outdoor living space comfortable and glamorous. You can choose between a deck and a patio, keeping your budget in mind. Pavers are a smart choice if you want something that can withstand the moisture of the swimming pool. If you are planning to sell your house, a deck is the best option, since it gives slightly higher returns on investment compared to a patio.